Your Guide to Online Lotteries at Indian Sites

When Indian bettors think of lottery games, they might imagine land-based games. Why not? Most of the world’s leading lotteries are run this way. However, did you know that there are casinos and betting sites where you can play lottery games? Some have dedicated teams that go out and get you the tickets you need. Others run in-house lotto games for you to enjoy. Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to bet on lotteries from inside India.

If you want to learn how Indian players can get involved in European lotteries, you need to run on. What American lotto games – can Indian players get involved in those too? From a casino or from dedicated sites? If these are pressing questions that you want answered, we at Betting in India are here to help. Let’s dive straight in by looking at recommended lotto sites.

Play Top Lotto Games at Our Indian Betting Sites

There are two types of lottery betting sites you can join. Both are recommended by us and for different reasons. Some specialise in offering lotto gambling options to Indians. Others also run casinos, sportsbooks, and other forms of betting options. Lotto gambling is just one of several options you can choose from there. Irrespective of the type of site you choose to play at – you can trust our recommended sites. Let’s begin by introducing you to a handful of them right here.

Online Lottery Sites Explained

As touched on above, there are two very different types of ways you can purchase lottery tickets online. Firstly, there is a dedicated selection of online casinos like Ekbet or Dafabet that cater to lotto players. Secondly, there are lottery ticket-purchasing sites. Let’s explain how each of them works below.

  • Lotto Betting Sites: There are websites that deal with traditional land-based lottery ticket sales. Of course, you can’t purchase a ticket to some lotteries because you live in India. Therefore, the lottery site has agents. These will go out and purchase the ticket for you, scan it, and e-mail it to you. They often cover dozens of major worldwide lotteries.
  • Indian Casino Sites: The other type of lotto betting sites in India are online casinos. They seldom offer mainstream lottery tickets. However, they do tend to run their own in-house lotteries. Each site has its own rules regarding those lotteries. However, unlike lotto betting sites, membership at casinos also gets you access to an array of other games. The jackpots in these sites tend to be smaller, as there are fewer people involved in them.

Leading Lottos That Indians Can Play

Of course, there are perks to playing in-house lotto games at Indian casinos. As there are fewer people playing them, there is less chance of someone winning your jackpot. However, because there are fewer players, the jackpot prizes tend to be smaller.

If you really want to win life-changing sums of cash, you’ll need to get involved in the mainstream lottos. Allow us to introduce you to some of the epic lottos below – most can be found at our recommended sites.

  • Mega Millions: Lotteries don’t get much bigger than the Mega Millions. This US lotto has the largest jackpot, with prizes worth over $1.5 billion having been paid out in the past. Expect this game to take place every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Super Enalotto: The leading lottery game in Italy, the Super Enalotto is hosted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. In the past, this lotto has dished out wins worth hundreds of millions of euros. The record stands at €209 million. That’s immense for what amounts to a national lottery.
  • Powerball Lotto: This lotto game is also found in the US. It plays second fiddle to the Mega Millions, but the Powerball logo can still deliver epic multi-billion-dollar wins. It takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, with prizes often split between several winners.
  • Euro Millions: The Euro Millions is Europe’s top lottery game. To date, the record jackpot stands at €230 million. Played every Tuesday and Friday, the lottery is a touch costly to play. However, there are plenty of lower-tier prizes to offset that.
  • Eurojackpot: If a European country doesn’t partake in the Euro Millions, it usually features in the Eurojackpot. This lotto is a lot smaller by comparison. However, its prizes can still reach €120 million when the lotto is played on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Lotto 6/49: Canada’s 6/49 may offer smaller prizes than its rivals, but this popular Canadian lottery is easier to win than most. Played every Wednesday and Saturday, you can still net prizes worth tens of millions of dollars.

Any of the above lottery games are unquestionably worth a look. They all offer life-changing sums of cash to Indian players. However, there are a few other lottos you may wish to consider. For instance, the US Cash4Life lotto, Spain’s La Primitiva and El Gordo and Australia’s Aussie Saturday Lotto and Saturday Superdraw. You should also keep an eye out for Portugal’s Totoloto, Japan’s Loto 7, and the UK’s National Lottery.

How to Bet on Lotteries at India’s Lottery Sites

India has some bizarre laws when it comes to lotteries. For instance, it is legal for Indian states to support state-approved lotteries. However, only a handful of states allow Indians to purchase tickets online. For most Indians, playing homegrown lottos is very much a land-based affair. If you want to get involved in the major foreign lotteries, you’re going to need to head to offshore betting sites. These sites support many of the same lotteries we’ve already discussed above.

If you were to play the lottery on any of these sites, here’s what you’d need to do:

  • Head over to one of the sites and fund your account by depositing.
  • Use your funded account to purchase tickets to any of the lottos.
  • Once you have selected your tickets, an agent will go out and purchase those tickets in the real world.
  • The agent will scan the tickets to your account (and e-mail).
  • If you win, the site will pay out your winnings.

Because of their unique nature, these sites also have special offers on tickets. Buying several tickets at once is known as a bundle. You may get a small discount if you bulk buy several tickets. At the same time, some sites allow Indians to join forces with friends and family. Known as syndicates, these are groups of players getting involved in purchasing tickets, with prizes shared amongst all.

Claiming Your Winnings

Now for the important part – how do you win? Obviously, each lottery has its own ins and outs when it comes to landing crash prizes. We’re not talking about “how” you can win in that sense. Instead, we’re focusing on how you can get hold of your winnings should you land a win.

Ordinarily, small-scale winnings are automatically paid out to your account. Those funds can then be withdrawn by Indian players to their chosen payment method. This is no different than if you were playing (and winning) at an new online casino sites. Things work a bit differently if you win a life-changing amount of cash.

Each site handles things differently. If you land an epic prize, some sites will pay it out in one lump sum. Others may choose to deliver your prize in installments. However, each lottery also has its own rules regarding paying out in installments or lump sums. You’ll need to contend with both of these. Furthermore, if the country hosting the lottery taxes lotto wins, you’ll have to pay them.

Normally, these are deducted automatically from your prize by the country/lotto in question. However, just because you wouldn’t pay a lotto tax in your country doesn’t excuse you from it. The rules of the hosting country are what count, not India’s lotto rules.

To make sure that you don’t get caught out, you should always check a lotto’s terms and conditions. You will want to ensure speedy payouts, complete transactions, and fair Ts and Cs. We only recommend Indian lotto betting sites that fulfill these criteria. We don’t recommend or promote any lotto sites that try to shirk their responsibilities.

Online Lotteries at Indian Online Casinos

As touched on earlier, some Indian online casinos also run lotteries. It is rare for these sites to offer tickets to mainstream lottery games. However, you may still be able to play in-house lottery games at those sites. These are usually run by the operators themselves and aren’t bona fide games from software providers. Entry normally costs a fixed price.

Moreover, the jackpot prize may also be a fixed figure, unlike land-based lotteries. These offer Indian players a little something different if they wish to explore the market more fully.

Play at India’s Best Lottery Website

As you may have gathered, there are lots of lotto options out there for you to choose from. Some represent the best sites in the business. Others are a work in progress. You’ll find a good mix of Indian casino and lottery betting sites right here. We’ll introduce you to trusted, reliable and user-friendly sites. Scroll up to find the best Indian lottery sites today or look below to find more of your questions answered.

FAQS – We Answer Your Questions About Lotteries

If you still have questions about playing lotteries in India, allow us to explain more in this brief FAQ guide.

How to buy lottery tickets online?

You can buy lottery tickets online at different websites. These include websites like Lottoland or Lotto India. There are also different Betting sites that offer lotto games. They are displayed on this page.

Am I required to pay gambling taxes?

In theory, yes. India does require its gamblers to pay taxes on whatever they win. However, as doing so on foreign lottos would be admitting betting at “illegal betting sites”, most Indians don’t bother. We don’t advocate this behaviour, but it is commonplace amongst all players worldwide when betting at offshore sites.

Can you explain ticket bundles to me?

Sure. Ticket bundles are special offers. A ticket bundle allows you to purchase several tickets to the same lotto or multiple tickets to several lotteries. The price for this group of tickets will be lower than if you were to buy them individually.

What are lottery syndicates?

A lottery syndicate is a group of fellow people playing as one. Everybody puts in the same stake, and an equal number of tickets are bought. Because the tickets (and thus, the cost) are pooled, you technically increase your chances of winning. However, anything won is shared amongst everyone in the syndicate.

Can Indians play in lotteries outside of India?

That depends. If you head to one of these mainstream lottery betting sites, then absolutely. However, can Indians play the EuroMillions as a land-based lotto in India? Not a chance. Online is the only way forward here.

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