Your Guide to Betting on the IPL At Indian Sportsbooks

The IPL is easily one of the most-watched sporting events in India. The cricket league also has global renown and appeal, with major international stars playing there. Naturally, this makes the prospect of betting on the IPL an appealing one. If you aren’t yet involved in IPL betting, then there are some things you ought to know. Join us at Betting in India as we walk you through them one by one in our guide.

IPL Betting Explained Simply

The Indian Premier League is a cricket competition (Twent20). It is played annually, and its first edition kicked off in 2008. Ten Indian franchises take part, and it is typically held from March to May. It is the sixth most attended sports league, and that makes it a hit with bookmakers.

As the IPL attracts all manner of stars, there is plenty of international interest in it. This makes it an ideal market for sportsbooks. Each of these will offer an array of bets on various aspects of the sport. For instance, you can bet on outright winning teams or specific elements of each match. It isn’t the array of bets you can make that determines if a bookmaker is a success, though. It is the features and services such Indian betting sites offer. Let’s introduce you to a few betting sites for IPL cricket betting online.

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Top Features of IPL Betting Sites In 2023

Of course, any IPL betting site should offer you the chance to bet on the Indian Premier League. That would be the bare minimum of the requirements we would want to see. However, they should also offer you other services and features. Our team strives to find Indian betting sites and betting apps that offer them. We’ve listed the very best of these for you below. They include:

  • Ample Markets and Selections: Any Indian betting site worth its salt should be able to offer you the chance to bet on many aspects. You shouldn’t just be able to bet on match winners. Other options should be available and found in abundance.
  • Customisable Bets: Rather than placing straight-up bets each time, you should be able to place accumulators. It would be good to see a wealth of customisable betting systems and ticket variations.
  • Stats Centres and Live Coverage: Any Indian betting site you want to play at should offer you access to stats centres. These can help you understand if a bet is worth your time and what the likely outcome will be. Live, in-play betting and live-streamed coverage are other perks to IPL betting sites.
  • Fair and Competitive Odds: Ideally, we would like to see fair and competitive odds. This means that bookmakers should offer you the chance to win decent sums. The odds available should at least be comparable to those found at rival Indian bookmakers.
  • Indian-Centric Approach: Naturally, we want to see an India-centric approach to each site. In short, this means we want to see Indian rupees accepted. We also want to see English and Hindi language options and support. Finally, any bonuses or special offers should be claimable in INR and payment methods should be India-friendly and focused.
  • Secure, Safe and Regulated: It goes without saying that every Indian betting site should be licensed. However, they should also be regulated, secure and offer a fair and transparent service to bettors.

How To Bet on the IPL at Indian Sports Betting Sites

There is more than one way that you can bet on the IPL. The very best Indian sports betting sites will offer you a myriad of ways. However, there are some bets that are critical and essential. We must see these at any Indian betting sites we recommend. They include:

  • Match Winner: This is a straight-up bet on which side or team will win a cricket match. Of course, you could also be on a tie here if you wish.
  • Over/Under Betting: A bet on whether the game’s combined score will be over or under the sportsbook’s line (total).
  • Top Batsman: A bet on a team or the entire match. You’re wagering on which player will score the most runs, as the bet’s name suggests.
  • Futures: A bet that “at some point”, a team or player will accomplish “something”. Of course, there is flexibility in those parameters, so the rest is down to you.

These aren’t the only sports bets you can make when engaging in IPL betting. Not by a long shot. There are many more for you to choose from. However, these are the most popular ones, and as such, they must appear at any top Indian bookmakers. Feel free to check out the others when you join one of our recommended betting sites. Of course the most poplar sites like Parimatch or Dafabet Sports and are offering many cricket betting competitions worldwide.

After you’ve found the bet that you want to make, select it. This will add it to the betting slip. From there, you can adjust your stake and see your potential return. If you’ve got a flexi or combo bet on, there will be additional options you can tinker with.

Top Tips for IPL Betting at Leading Indian Sportsbooks

Betting on the Indian Premier League isn’t overly challenging. If you have a basic understanding of the sport, it should be a doddle. Even so, it can sometimes help to get a brief heads-up concerning tips and tricks. So, what wisdom can we impart? All the following are decent tips to consider at Indian bookmakers:

  • Check the odds at your sportsbook with those found elsewhere. This will ensure that you are betting on selections with competitive odds.
  • Take advantage of money-back offers when it comes to cricket betting.
  • Only place live, in-play bets if you are going to actively follow the game. The same is true for early cashout options.
  • Never place Top Batsmen or similar bets unless you have access to a stats centre. Player-based bets often require a lot of insight to come good.
  • Refrain from making too many fanciful bets. For instance, having a far-flung bet occasionally is fine. However, wagering thousands of rupees on underdogs each time can be disastrous for your finances.
  • Keep records (if you can) of your successful and unsuccessful bets. This can be used to help you obtain data for betting in the future.

By following the gambling advice above, you should be able to boost your chances of success. If you don’t know how cricket (and the IPL in particular) works, we’d recommend you start there.

Bag An IPL Cricket Bonus at Top Sites

When you decide to sign up and play at IPL betting sites, you may come across bonuses and promos. These are most likely going to be cash bonuses offered to new members. For instance, you may get your money back if you lose your first bet. Alternatively, you may be given a chunk of change for depositing and wagering.

Other bonuses and promos are broader. They may be based on a specific match or event. You can use those to improve your odds, get money back, or anything else. These will be short-term deals, so you should claim them fast if they appeal to you.

Always be sure to read the major terms and conditions of any offer you intend on claiming at cricket betting sites. This is especially true of the short-term cricket promos. The specifics – such as wagering requirements – may vary wildly from one bonus to another. Don’t let yourself be caught out.

Start Placing IPL Bets at India’s Top Sportsbooks Today

Now that you know a thing or two about betting on the IPL, it is time to find a sportsbook. We’ve listed many top sites on this page. Each has been certified as a leading Indian betting site by our team. They are all licensed, certified, and approved by us, and each offer top cricket betting options. If you’re on the hunt for a top cricket betting site, we’d recommend that you start there. More interested in Slots? Check our new casino sites!

FAQs – Your Questions About IPL Betting Answered

If you still have questions about IPL betting or Indian sportsbooks, we’re here to help. Here are the answers to a few questions you might have.

Which app is the best for IPL Betting in India?

Betting apps like Dafabet, Pure Win or Parimatch are very popular. Many of the best Indian Premier League betting sites run apps. These can be iOS and Android-friendly or just cater to one over another. All are guaranteed to be mobile compatible using your browser (HTML5-friendly), though.

Do all Indian bookmakers and sportsbooks take IPL bets?

Yes, they do. Any top Indian bookmaker worth its salt will easily take bets on the Indian Premier League. The exact number of selections may vary from site to site, though.

Can I bet on other cricket matches, such as international competitions?

Yes, you can. Almost all major Indian betting sites offer alternative cricket betting markets. These include English cricket, Bangladesh and Pakistani cricket, and other competitions, such as internationals. Again, the array will vary from Indian betting site to site.

Can I claim IPL bonuses at betting sites in India?

That depends on where you are playing. However, if you’re interested in bonuses, many of our recommended IPL sportsbooks promote them, so check those out first.

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