Ever fancied top play casino games online but weren’t sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. With so many tempting welcome bonuses and promotions out there, it can be hard to know which sites to trust and what all the terms and conditions actually mean. Well, this post by Betting in India will tell you everything you need to know before parting with your hard-earned money.

We will l explain how wagering requirements work, so you don’t get caught out. You will also learn what games contribute most to unlocking bonuses, as well as some smart strategies to boost your chances of hitting bonus targets quickly. Whether you start playing at new casino sites or just need a refresher, this post got you covered. Ready to try your luck? Let’s go!

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Only for new players

Only new players, 18 years or older and with valid passport/id.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements refer to the amount of money you need to bet before you can withdraw any winnings from a (high roller) casino bonus or promotion. Casinos will require you to meet the wagering requirement, also known as playthrough requirement, to prevent fraud and ensure the bonus money is actually used for its intended purpose – to gamble.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

Once you claim a welcome casino bonus, like a welcome bonus or free spins, the wagering requirement clock starts ticking. You’ll have a set period of time, often around 7 to 30 days, to meet the wagering requirements before the bonus money expires. The requirements are usually listed as a multiplier, such as 20x or 50x. That means if you receive ₹1000 in bonus cash, you’ll need to make ₹20000 to₹50000 in wagers before you can withdraw any winnings.

Only certain games may count toward meeting the wagering requirements. Slot machines usually contribute 100% of each bet, while table games may only contribute 10% to 50%. Some games like live dealer games, craps or roulette may not count at all. It’s important to check which games contribute to the wagering requirement and how much before you start playing.

Why Do Casinos Have Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements protect casinos from fraud and ensure players actually gamble with the bonus money. Without requirements in place, players could simply withdraw the bonus cash immediately after receiving it without playing. Requirements also encourage players to try new games and spend more time gambling. The higher the multiplier, the longer you have to play to unlock your winnings.

For players, wagering requirements can be frustrating but the rewards are worth it if you meet them. The key is finding bonuses with reasonable, achievable playthrough and choosing games that fully contribute to the requirement. With some luck, you’ll unlock your bonus cash and more!

How Wagering Requirements Work

So you’ve signed up for an online casino to play and claimed their welcome bonus. But before you can withdraw any winnings, you’ll need to meet the wagering requirements. What exactly are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements refer to the amount of money you must play through before you can withdraw bonus funds or any winnings from them. They’re expressed as a multiplier, like 30x, meaning you must make bets equal to 30 times the bonus amount.

Why do casinos have wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements exist to prevent bonus abuse. Casinos offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players, but they don’t want people signing up, claiming the bonus, and then withdrawing the funds without actually playing. The wagering requirements ensure you actually use the bonus to play casino games.

How can you meet the wagering requirements?

The easiest way is to play slot games, as they contribute 100% of each bet to the wagering requirements. Table games like blackjack and roulette contribute less, sometimes as little as 10%. So if you have ₹1000 bonus with 30x wagering, you’d need to place ₹30000 in slot bets or ₹30000 in blackjack bets. Focus on slots to meet the requirements quickly. Some good sites for slots are EKBET SLOTS and JUNGLIWIN SLOTS.

Wagering requirements may seem complicated, but now you understand how they work and why casinos implement them. The key is to choose a casino with fair wagering terms, claim your bonus, and then enjoy playing slots to unlock your bonus funds!

Common Wagering Requirements for Different Bonuses

Deposit Match Bonuses

The most common type of bonus, a deposit match, means the casino will match a percentage of your first deposit amount. The wagering requirement is typically 20 to 50 times the bonus amount. For example, if you get a 100% match on a ₹1000 deposit, you’ll have ₹2000 to play with but must wager₹20000 to ₹50000 total to withdraw any winnings.

Free Spins

Free spins are a popular bonus for slots players. The wagering requirement for free spin winnings is usually lower, around 10 to 30 times. Some casinos will let you withdraw a max of ₹1000 to ₹2000 in winnings from free spins. Any amount over must be wagered.

No Deposit Bonuses

A no deposit bonus gives you a small amount of bonus cash (usually ₹500 to ₹1000) just for signing up, no deposit needed. The wagering requirements tend to be higher, from 30 to 100 times the bonus amount. Only a select few casinos offer legitimate no deposit bonuses. Most are “too good to be true”.

VIP and Reload Bonuses

For loyal players, casinos often offer reload bonuses on subsequent deposits or special VIP bonuses. Wagering tends to be on the lower end for these, around 10 to 30 times the bonus amount. Some VIP bonuses come with no wagering at all, but higher rollover requirements are more common.

The key is to always check the specific wagering requirement for any bonus before accepting it. Make sure you fully understand what’s expected of you before playing with bonus funds. While wagering requirements may seem complicated, once you get the hang of them, you’ll be able to choose bonuses that best fit your playing style and have the best chance of withdrawing your winnings.

Tips for Clearing Wagering Requirements

Choose games with a high contribution

Not all games contribute equally towards clearing your wagering requirements. Slots, Keno and scratch cards usually contribute 100% of your bet amount. Table games like Blackjack and Roulette often only contribute 10-25%. So focus on playing slots and similar games to clear requirements faster.

Bet maximum amounts

The more you bet, the more contributes towards clearing your wagering. So bet the maximum amount allowed on each spin or hand. Of course, only bet what you can afford to lose. But if you want to clear requirements quickly, betting more is the way to go.

Look for bonuses with low wagering

Some online casinos offer bonuses with lower wagering requirements, like 10x to 30x the bonus amount. Compare different casinos to find one with lower requirements so you have a better chance of actually withdrawing your winnings.

Don’t withdraw winnings early

Resist the urge to withdraw any winnings until you’ve cleared the wagering requirements. If you withdraw early, you’ll forfeit any remaining bonus funds and your progress towards clearing the requirements. Wait until the requirements have been fully met before withdrawing.

Keep records of your progress

Once you start playing, keep records of your bets and wins to track your progress in clearing the requirements. Some casinos provide updates on how much you have left to wager, but not all do. Monitoring your progress will allow you to see if you need to increase your bets to finish clearing in time.

Meeting wagering requirements and withdrawing bonus winnings does take some work. But by choosing the right games, betting sufficiently, and tracking your progress, you’ll get there in the end. With some luck, you might just win enough along the way to make it worth the effort!

Wagering Requirements FAQs

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements refer to the amount of money you must play through or “wager” at an online casino before you can withdraw any winnings from your bonus. These are put in place to prevent players from simply withdrawing the bonus money without actually playing. The requirements are usually expressed as a multiplier, like 20x or 30x. This means you must wager the bonus amount plus deposit amount 20 or 30 times before withdrawing.

How do I meet the wagering requirements?

The only way to meet the wagering requirements is to play real money casino games. As you play, your wagering requirement balance will decrease. Most casinos will show your progress in your account section. Only certain games count fully toward meeting the requirements, usually slots. Table games may only count a percentage. It’s best to check with the specific casino for details on which games count and the percentages.

What happens if I withdraw before meeting the requirements?

If you withdraw funds before meeting the wagering requirements, the casino will likely void your bonus and any winnings from it. They may even deduct the bonus amount from your withdrawal. It’s not worth the risk, so always check the requirements and be sure you can meet them before accepting a bonus.

Do all casinos have wagering requirements?

Nearly all online casinos have wagering requirements attached to their bonuses and promotions to some degree. However, some casinos do offer bonuses with lower or even no wagering requirements. These are usually smaller bonuses, but can still be worth claiming if wagering requirements are a concern for you. It’s a good idea to check the requirements of any bonus before opting in.

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