How to play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is regarded as one of the most famous card games in India, alongside Andar Bahar and rummy. It is as close to poker as any Indian casino game gets. It isn’t just Indians that have a taste for Teen Patti. The popularity is widespread across South Asia, where it goes by other names.

For the uninitiated, Teen Patti is a combination of three card poker and rummy. If that’s sound complicated, you needn’t worry. In this gambling guide, we will walk you through the entire game. We’ll discuss how it is played and how you can win. We’ll also cover where you can find it. If you’re ready to begin, read on to find out more about Teen Patti.

What Is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is, in some ways, a merger between poker and rummy. The objective here is to form the best three-card hand that you can, according to the hand rankings. These differ slightly from conventional poker and rummy. With just a single 52-card deck (minus the jokers) used, this is a lot more challenging than it sounds. It is also part of what makes Teen Patti a thoroughly enjoyable game.

Clearly it is a game where betting really differs from poker. It involves a series of wagers to build up a cash pot, as mentioned, so let’s look at how that works in the next section.

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Betting and the Basic Rules of Playing for Real Money

Teen Patti is not wagered on like your conventional poker game. Every player is required to bet equally. This means that when the first player places their initial stake, then all other players must follow that bet. In the second betting round, if one player ups the stakes, everybody must follow suit. This will rapidly build up a rich cash pot to be won. As the game progresses, the player who lasts the longest and has the best hand will win the pot. This is like how a game of rummy is played.

To begin with, a “boot” is collected from the players. This is the minimum stake. The dealer will then deal cards anti-clockwise, with three cards handed to each player. You can choose from the following options:

  • Seen: See your cards. You must double the current stake to stay in the game or raise by playing four times the current stake.
  • Blind: Keep the cards face down. Betting “blind” means you need to bet the current stake to stay in the game. Alternatively, you can raise by doubling the stake.
  • Fold: Surrender the game.

If you choose to play blind, you will become a “seen player” as soon as you look at your cards. After which, the rules for seen players when betting will apply. This can be done at any time in the game.

Players may also request a “show”, which can be accepted or denied. If this occurs, the player with the lowest ranking hand will be eliminated. Popular online casino where you can play Teen Patti, also against a live dealer are 21Casino and Genesis Casino.

teen patti rules
Teen Patti Rules

The Card Rankings

The structure of your hand is immensely important. This will determine whether you are eliminated or will win the pot. It will also help you decide whether to fold or not. Aces are high in Teen Patti, with 2s the lowest ranking card. The objective is to have a three-card hand that fits one of the following ranks:

  • Trail/Set: The highest-ranking hand, consisting of a three-of-a-kind.
  • Pure Sequence/Straight Flush: The second highest hand, consisting of three consecutive cards in the same suit.
  • Sequence/Run: Any three consecutive cards, but not necessarily in the same suit.
  • Colour: Any three cards in the same suit, also known as a flush.
  • Pair: A pair of identical valued cards.
  • High Card: A single card.

As you can see, these utilise similar names to hands found in rummy. However, they are closely linked to three card poker

live dealer teen patti game
A live dealer at a Teen Patti Game (Ezugi)

How to Win at Teen Patti

When just two players remain in Teen Patti, a “showdown” can be requested. The casino player who did not ask for a showdown must call or fold. If they call, they must show their cards. The bettor with the highest hand will win the pot.

Naturally, there is no paytable for Teen Patti because this game revolves around a pot. Whatever is in the pot is there to be won.

Live games Online

Teen Patti is not a game that you’re going to find in any sort of great abundance as an RNG game. However, don’t let that disappoint you. There are plenty of live dealer versions of the game around. These games come from software providers as established as Ezugi. Some of the games you can find have modified rules and gameplay. This is to make them work with real-to-life human players. The same is true of RNG games. After all, you need at least three players to play a game of Teen Patti.

Where to Play Teen Patti Online

It is fair to say that most of the online casinos offering Teen Patti do cater to Indians. However, the game is slowly starting to gain traction outside of the sub-continent, too. Asian players across the continent enjoy the card game. Even some predominantly Western online casinos are also drawing crowds by offering the game. If you’re on the lookout for top Indian casinos, then look no further than our page. We’ve decided to list many of the best Indian betting sites for you right here. All these licensed and certified casinos should have no qualms about offering you access to Teen Patti games.

Top Teen Patti Games You Can Play for Real Money

If you’re interested in playing Teen Patti at online casinos, we can recommend a few top titles. Some of the best games to look for include Ezugi’s One Day Teen Patti Classic and Bet on Teen Patti. They also have a basic Live Teen Patti game. Expect to see a Live Teen Patti game from SuperSpade, too, while BetConstruct also has a Bet on Teen Patti live dealer game.

There are several Teen Patti variants that you can explore, too. These include:

  • Lowball Teen Patti: In this game, the rankings of the hands are reversed.
  • Best of Four: You will play the game with four cards instead of three and need to form a four-card hand.
  • Wild Draw Teen Patti. A card is drawn at random to feature as a wild card in this Teen Patti variant.

Other notable variants include Stud, Community, Bust Card Draw, Two-Lowest Wild, High Wild, and Low Wild Teen Patti. You can learn more about these variants at online casinos. We won’t dive into them here as they aren’t very common at all at Indian online casino sites.

Teen Patti can be quite challenging to learn how to play. To help you in your journey, we’ve put together this brief FAQ which explains all.

FAQs – Your Questions About Teen Patti Answered

Who is the dealer when betting online?

Ordinarily, Teen Patti sees each player become a dealer in an anti-clockwise fashion. However, this isn’t possible online. Casino games try to do this as best as they can. However, some games do use alternative rules.

Does Teen Patti feature a wild?

Not officially, no. There are several variants out there where you can play with jokers, but these are tough to come by.

Can I place side-bets in Teen Patti?

Teen Patti does sometimes permit a Pair Plus side-bet. This only applies to your hand, though. There may also be a Six-Card Bonus Bet that features the final two player’s hands. It requires a five-card poker hand from the six cards available.

Is Teen Patti the same as Three Card Poker?

No. However, we will admit that there are plenty of similarities between this and three-card poker. The same is true of Teen Patti and rummy. Teen Patti is its own game, though.

Can I play Teen Patti as a mobile, cryptocurrency or live dealer game?

Absolutely. Live dealer mobile and crypto-friendly versions of Teen Patti can all be found online. Some Indian casinos can offer you all the above in one game.

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