How to play Lucky 7?

Lucky 7 is a game that is not as commonly found as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti or other popular Indian favourites. This card game uses a whopping eight decks and is often found as a live dealer casino game. If you haven’t heard of Lucky 7, you won’t be alone. It is not the world’s most famous or widely spread card game.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t fall in love with it once you learn how it works. To help you get there, we’ve put together this brief guide to learning to play Lucky 7 at online casinos. Let’s begin…

What Is Lucky 7?

There are a couple of games out there with the name Lucky 7. It is crucial that we don’t confuse them. The game we’re looking at is a card game and one that utilises eight decks of cards. Others can include a fast-paced solitaire game played with counters. We’re not remotely interested in that one.

To help you understand more clearly, it is worth looking for Lucky 7 as a live dealer game. That is its most common form. Secondly, you should look for the game at online casinos, as it regularly appears as a gambling title. Even when you find it, though, what should you expect?

Betting and the Basic Rules of Playing for Real Money

Lucky 7 is a game where you are predicting whether the card will be higher or lower than a seven. Or you can bet on it begin a seven. It bears similarities with the conventional game of Higher or Lower. However, by always using a seven as the target card, it ensures a stable house edge and RTP rate. If the target card was too high (say a 10) you could easily win. To low (like a 2 or 3), and the game would be too easy to predict, too. Seven makes the game incredibly challenging.

lucky 7 rules
Lucky 7 Rules

The Betting Options

As with most gambling games, Lucky 7 gameplay begins with a bet. In Lucky 7, you must choose at least one of three available standard bets. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can wager on one of four side-bets to boot. Let’s take you through each of these bets now. They include:

Standard Bets

  • 7 Up: A wager that the card drawn will be valued above a seven.
  • 7 Down: A bet that the card drawn will be worth less than seven.
  • And 7: A stake that says the card drawn will be a seven exactly.


  • Colour (Red): A bet that the card drawn will be red.
  • Colour (Black): A bet that the card drawn will be black.
  • Odd: A bet that the card drawn will be an odd-numbered card.
  • Even: A bet that the card drawn will be an even-numbered card.

Once your bet has been played, the dealer will cut the rather sizeable deck and draw a card. There are eight decks, remember, so the game is difficult to predict, even without auto shuffle. The value of the card drawn will determine how successful you are.

How to Win

As you may have figured out, to win at Lucky 7, you must match your bet with the card drawn. Standard bets have an RTP rate of 92.3%, which isn’t great. Side-bets can vary from 95% (colours) to 92.31% (evens) and 96.92% (odds).

That’s all good, but what about your winnings? What can you hope to win with Lucky 7? The game will payout even money 1:1 for any successful 7 Up or 7 Down bets. However, you’ll get 11:1 for an exact 7. This is because this is the least likely outcome in the game.

For side-bets, you can expect to pocket wins of 0.9:1 for a correct colour match. Matched odds results in a 0.8:1 payout, while evens pay 1:1.

Live Lucky 7 Online

As touched one earlier, Lucky 7 is often found as a live dealer casino game. We’re not saying that it is impossible to find the game as an RNG release, just that it is rarer. Ezugi is widely known for developing the most realistic, authentic Lucky 7 game. You can find that in any Indian casino supporting their software.

live dealer lucky 7 game
A live dealer at a Lucky 7 Game (Ezugi)

Where to Play Lucky 7 Online

You might have to dig around to find Lucky 7. Ezugi is best known for its live dealer version of the game. Therefore, we’d recommend choosing an online casino that supports their software. However, there are a couple of RNG (random number generator) editions around. Our advice is two-fold here.

We suggest checking out Indian online casinos since that is where Lucky 7 tends to be quite popular. You can play at casinos like Casino Days or Dafabet. We also recommend looking at our approved and certified online casinos, as they carry the game.

Before you start betting on Lucky 7 at Indian casinos, we’ve got the answers to your questions right here. If you have a few more queries that you want answering, don’t hesitate to check out this brief FAQ guide.

FAQs – Your Questions About Lucky 7 Answered

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