Free Spin Bonuses at Indian Casinos

Most online casinos offer free spin bonuses, and Indian online casinos are no different. When you choose to play at these betting sites, there is every chance that you can claim free spin bonuses. Of course, not all Indian casinos offer them. Moreover, when they do, they may sometimes be a part of another offer, such as a deposit bonus.

For those not in the know, you may feel as though you need a helping hand. That’s what we are here to provide with our guide to free spin bonuses at online casinos today. Join us at Betting in India as we explore the ins and outs of playing with Indian free spin casino bonuses online.

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To begin with, we need to introduce you to an array of betting sites. After all, without top Indian casinos, how are you going to find quality places to bet? Our team has carefully vetted and approved each of these casinos. If you want to play with free spin bonuses, you can’t go wrong with any of these top new casino sites.

What Is a Free Spin Bonus?

A free spin bonus is a casino offer that, as its name suggests, offers you free spins. In many ways, this bonus is exactly like the special feature you can find inside slot games. However, there are some differences here. The most important ones are that there are often win caps in place, and you’re playing with a minimum stake. There are other differences, too, but we will look at those in turn as we carry on this guide.

A free spin bonus can typically be found at most major Indian casinos. How can you claim one, though? The process is usually straightforward. You can often, for instance, claim free spin bonuses as part of welcome bonuses. Sometimes they may be offered as loyalty offers. Either way, you can claim them by opting into the offer, using a promo code, or depositing.

Free spin bonuses (once credited) will automatically appear whenever you play a slot that they are valid on. If you decide to play, the free spins will be used before your real money balance. Once the free spin bonus has expired or you’ve run out of spins, your real money balance is used.

Welcome Bonus, Redeposit Bonus or Loyalty Deal?

As touched on above, free spin bonuses can form part of a general welcome bonus. However, they can also be offered as redeposit bonuses. In both these cases, you will likely need to deposit to claim one of the offers.

At times, free spin bonuses may be offered as loyalty offers at Indian casinos. When this happens, you can claim them with or without a deposit, based on the terms of the offer. Free spins can also be won as prizes in tournaments and competitions. Ultimately, there are many ways you can snap up free spin bonuses. However, they generally all work the same way.

How does a free spin bonus work? We’re glad you asked. We’re going to go to great lengths to cover that below. Let’s begin.

Top Things You Need to Know About Free Spin Bonuses

There are many things you need to take note of before claiming a free spin bonus. What kinds of gambling terms and conditions are attached to them? Why might you decide to claim an offer, and what can you use your free spins on? The latter is such an important question as it plays a part in determining how valuable the best is. Let’s begin there.

Game Eligibility Is Important

Free spin bonuses may be valid on a single game, or they may be valid on many. The terms and conditions of any offer should tell you what the bonus is valid on. It will be that the bonus is valid on one, a handful, or many slots. Some bonuses valid on a single slot can be useful because they are specialised for that game. Others valid on most slots may be advantageous for obvious reasons. Those valid on a handful of slots are usually ideal because you can use them on the most popular slots. Good bonuses are available at Ekbet Casino & Sport or Rajabets.

At the same time, there are disadvantages to each type of bonus. Bonuses valid on a single slot won’t give you much of an experience. Those valid on a handful of games may not be ideal as the casinos only choose games where you can’t win much. Finally, bonuses valid on “most games” often come with low win caps, so you can’t take full advantage of them. It is a juggling act to find the best bonus for your needs.

Watch Those Wagering Requirements

Unless they are called “bonus spins”, your free spin bonuses will likely come with wagering requirements. In this case, you’re going to need to wager your bonus several times before withdrawing. Just how many times will vary from site to site. On the terms and conditions page, you will likely see a figure followed by “x”. This is known as the wagering requirements, rollover requirements, or playthrough rate.

To stop you from withdrawing wins from free spins straight away, most free spin bonuses have these. You will need to stake whatever you win a handful of times first. For instance, if you see wagering requirements of 5x, and you’ve won ₹500, then you’ll need to wager ₹2,500 before you can withdraw. Unlike most casino bonuses, the wagering requirements on free spin bonuses tend to be quite low.

Win and Withdrawal Caps May Be in Place

Players will note that Indian casinos tend to put caps on their free spin bonuses. They want you to win and feel excited to play at the casino. However, they can’t afford to see players winning millions of rupees for free and walking away. Therefore, win and withdrawal caps are not unheard of at Indian casinos.

A win cap is a straightforward concept. It limits how much you are entitled to win when you play slots with a free spin bonus. After reaching the cap, the free spins end. Anything you win after that is no longer subject to those limits. By contrast, a withdrawal cap doesn’t stop you from winning immense sums. However, it limits how much of those winnings you can withdraw. Once breached, you’re going to have to gamble the rest of those winnings. Of course, anything you win then is no longer subject to the withdrawal cap.

All at Once or Released in Instalments?

Most Indian casinos tend to dish out sizeable free spin bonuses in instalments. If you are claiming a small number of, say, twenty free spins, you can receive them in one big batch. However, if you are claiming packages of, say, 300 free spins, they will be delivered in instalments.

The same is true when a free spin bonus is used as part of a welcome package or any other type of deal. The greater the number of spins in a free spin bonus, the more likely they will be staggered.

Beware of Bonus Codes

There are three ways to claim free spin bonuses at online casinos. On the one hand, they may be triggered automatically without doing anything at all. If this is the case, and you don’t want them, you’ll need to contact customer support.

The second way to claim them is to use a promo code. These can normally be found on the promotions page or via e-mail, newsletters, or texts. Once acquired, enter the promo code with customer support for a no deposit free spin bonus. If you are claiming a deposit bonus, enter it into the box provided when you deposit.

Finally, you may be required to opt-in to a bonus. Here, you will need to check a box to state that you want to receive the offer. This may be on the promotions page, or it may be under your account settings. Either way, unless you agree to the offer, you won’t receive it.

Top Tips for Playing with Free Spin Bonuses Online

There are all manner of top tips out there for bettors who want to claim free spin bonuses online. We’ve learned many of these by doing nothing more than wagering at online casinos. We wouldn’t let you dive into the world of free spin bonuses without a heads-up. Here are a few top tips you may wish to take to heart when claiming Indian free spin bonuses online.

  • Most free spin bonuses come with low wagering requirements. However, we wouldn’t claim free spin bonuses with wagering requirements of 12x or more.
  • Be sure to claim free spin bonuses that are valid on the types of games you want to play.
  • You should avoid claiming bonuses that have low win or withdrawal caps.
  • Be sure that you know how to trigger an offer before you claim it.
  • Some free spins are valid on slots that may not be available in your region. Check this before you claim a bonus.
  • Double-check the terms of all “bonus spins” offers. Dodgy sites sometimes call their free spin bonuses “bonus spins” even if they have wagering requirements. This is not fair.
  • When claiming or purchasing free spins via loyalty shops, always check the price. You don’t want to pay the equivalent of $10 in credit for 10 free spins valued at $0.20 a spin.
  • Avoid free spin bonuses that are paid in instalments if you must continually deposit to claim them.

You can find the answers to most of these questions on the bonus’ terms and conditions page. This should be readily available for Indian bettors. It should not be tucked away or hidden. Our reputable and recommended casinos play ball with most of these rules. Moreover, they offer fair, transparent and agreeable free spin bonuses to Indians.

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The final step to enjoying top free spin bonuses is joining the best betting sites available. We’ve got the very best ones ready and waiting for you right here. Each of these casinos are tested and approved by our team. They all offer quality free spin bonuses that meet the criteria listed above. If you are on the hunt for a place to play slots with free slot bonuses today, check them out.

Don’t hesitate to scroll back to the top of this page or explore the other aspects of it. We’re sure that when you sign up with our recommended Indian casinos, you’ll be surprised. Moreover, you’ll be delighted with the offers available.

FAQS – We Answer Your Free Spin Bonus Questions

Before we let you go, don’t hesitate to check this brief FAQ guide. We’ve covered all the key topics you need to know relating to free spin bonuses at Indian casinos. Such as:

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